The Road to Living Well

This psychologist’s brand identity and website had to be powerful yet simple, because good counselling is about empowering clients and not masking symptoms.

At the same time, the Melbourne-based Enhance Life wanted something more nuanced than your standard starburst or tree symbol. After delving deep into the world of psychological counselling, we kept coming back to the idea of individual pathways, gradual change and gentle growth. Following even more probing, and several presentations to Enhance Life, we finalised the brand identity you see here.

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That pathway takes the shape of the business’ initials, E and L. It can be shown in mono, or as a startling graphic element with all the colourful vibrancy you’d expect from a service that’s about individual potential. We’ve paired the brand identity with an accessible style of photography, stylised just a tad so there’s no mistake it’s part of the overall look.

The Enhance Life brand is rolled out across business cards, stationery, flyers and the mobile-responsive website.