Snack Better, Live Well

The healthy snack market is crowded with lookalike bars and balls. Right from the beginning, Tummy Gummies has been different: their delicious fruity bites contain only real fruit pulp, some honey, and pasture-raised gelatin. No refined sugars, preservatives or additives. Did we mention they sit in the refrigerated section of the supermarket? That fresh!

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When we met, Tummy Gummies already had an established fanbase from selling at boutique stores and food markets across Sydney. The founders had decided to change their packaging format to increase the product’s shelf-life. Tummy Gummies was ready to launch into a wider retail market.

Like snacking but healthier

We were engaged to develop a new visual identity and packaging that would help achieve the client’s market objectives. However, the work also had to appeal to health-conscious customers with an appetite for fun yet naturally good products. After all, this is a product to enjoy anytime, anywhere: pre-lunch hungries, palate cleanser, late-night cravings and beyond. No need to worry about calorie-counting or sugar highs!

From reviewing the client’s strategy, our first step was to craft a positioning statement: Snack better, live well. We also tweaked the brand’s values to shape the mood we wanted this work to project: innocent but not childish, gut-friendly but not medicinal, joyful but not over-the-top.

Bombastic simplicity

Our foundational work set the tone for the clean yet vibrant branding and packaging shown here. For example, photography is true to the product’s actual glistening, fruity colours, made bolder with the monochrome palette used as the base colour for each flavour.

Complementing this, the whimsical graphics use vintage candy store references with updated touches, such as the slow-food turtle icon and background textures. Finally, the copy is minimal and unadorned, in line with Tummy Gummies’ ethos of simple pleasures, focusing on the natural ingredients and gentle health benefits.

Our branding and packaging for Tummy Gummies has been well received by retailers as well as customers, with orders selling out at double the pace anticipated in some stores.

Packaging for Tummy Gummies mango passionfruit
Girl eating a fruit gummy from Tummy Gummies
Closeup photographs of Tummy Gummies real fruit gummies
Girl holding package of Passionfruit Mango Tummy Gummies
Packaging for 3 flavours of Tummy Gummies
Branding graphics for healthy gummies
Brand graphics and typography for Tummy Gummies
Person reaching into packaging for Tummy Gummies Mixed Berries
Editorial graphic design for Tummy Gummies
Group of packaging designs for Tummy Gummies
Brand graphics and copywriting for Tummy Gummies
Keep Buying Australian Products graphic for Tummy Gummies