Managing our roadways from behind the scenes

Over 2 million vehicles pour through Sydney’s northwest corridor each week, making it one of Australia’s busiest road systems.

NWR (Northwestern Roads) was set up to manage the M7 and NorthConnex motorways, an essential part of that network. The company is very much a behind-the-scenes operator. But its team takes enormous pride in a prompt delivery of services, keeping those motorways safe and obstruction-free.

Our brand identity and corporate materials were a big part of supporting that purpose.

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We began by holding a brand-building workshop with the leadership team to uncover their most deep-seated values, before exploring several directions for the brand identity.

The final beacon-like brand identity comes with a distinctive set of brand graphics, mission statement, business materials and brand guidelines. Next in the works is an enhanced set of graphics that will support their internal communications strategy, including a custom intranet portal and a suite of onboarding and training materials.

Best of all, the entire team feels an ownership of the results they helped to shape.


“The Offices team was great to work with. They were engaging, listened to our unique requirements and provided excellent follow-up service. They developed a brand that suited our needs in quick time whilst allowing our team to feel they were a real part of the development.”

– Daniel Lovett, Safety, Environment and Stakeholder Manager, North Western Roads Management Services Company (NWR)