Wealth Oneness

Brand strategy, brand identity and digital design for finance and accounting firm

Money is a powerful driver of individual fortunes. But that personal aspect of wealth management is something financial services firms generally struggle to convey. Generic slogans abound – Achieve your dreams! Maximise tomorrow! – along with clichés like ‘tailored service’ and ‘meet your needs.’ Those promises are wrapped in a sea of corporate blues, jargon-heavy offers, and stock photos of boardroom handshakes.

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But from the beginning of our work with them, Sydney’s WLM Financial was intent on showing a more thoughtful, holistic brand of financial service. With a near three-decade track record of helping businesses and individuals manage and grow their money, the firm offers a radically personalised level of service.

We were engaged by WLM to create a vibrant rebrand, and transform the way they spoke with customers and communicated their value. One of our first deliverables was developing the strategic position of Wealth Oneness, or “All of your financial power in one place.” This captures a key WLM difference: simplifying the complex world of money management for clients, using a combination of innovative practices and personalised service.

From this position we developed WLM’s messaging pillars, brand voice and new brand identity, including logo, graphic elements, original illustrations and suite of print and digital business collateral.

Since launching, the work has succeeded in its objectives of growing the business and attracting valuable new clients for the right reasons.


“Our service is unique in the marketplace, but our old branding and especially our website didn’t reflect any of this. We wanted to take a drastic step in a new direction, showing clients what it is that sets us apart.

“Our new brand by The Offices has more than achieved that goal and is also supporting our business development goals, by communicating our value more clearly to our clients.”

– Dan McGrath, Director and Accounting Lead, WLM Financial

Set of printed brochures for WLM Financial
Page design of printed brochure for WLM Financial
WLM Financial onboarding infographic