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Having worked with (and spoken to) young-gun food brands for the best part of a decade, there are some recurring themes we urge them to bring into their packaging.

Like, have an ultra-clear selling proposition. Use vivid, on-brand language to tell your story and entice your customers. Be decisive with information hierarchies, especially on the front of your pack – you can’t say every single thing here.

So it was a privilege to be asked by food business incubator, Seedlab Australia, to create a 10-part workshop that deliver these and other sizzling insights (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves!) for food scale-ups. Seedlab is backed by Woolworths, and is committed to helping innovative food businesses to pitch and supply their products at local, state and national levels. Their three-month bootcamps cover everything from the legals to the financials and entire business model of participants, plus much in between.

We’ll be sharing some select graphics and tips from the series across our socials in the coming months, so be sure to stay in touch.

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