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Bone broth has been described as the ‘world’s oldest wellness recipe’, its origins dating back to Paleo times. That’s why we placed this line front and centre of our new product packaging for The Stock Merchant.

The Stock Merchant is a magnificent collection of broths, sauces and pantry provisions. Everything is made the old-fashioned way from ethically sourced real ingredients, with no artificial additives.

This new product has the same depth of flavour as their 300-millilitre pouches for the liquid bone broth, but is concentrated for convenience and can be stored longer once opened.

A challenge of this packaging project was to interpret the minimal style of the established brand while shrinking everything to fit the space. We were asked to use all the recognisable brand elements and convey all the key health messages on the packaging, without adding any new elements.

Now in market, our work is true to the distinctive brand assets including fonts, colours, double-line graphics and cow logo. We reduced the copywriting to a series of soundbites and one-liners, helping customers understand the product’s health benefits instantly: Enhance metabolism. Support gut health. Reduce inflammation. Build immunity.

The back of the pack allowed for a little more storytelling – just a little, mind. We’ve kept things ultra simple: ‘Modern life moves fast. Not everyone has the time to source pasture-raised beef bones, let alone long-simmer these to yield an ultra-pure bone broth. But we do – with exceptional results.’

The product has launched with acclaim, being an affordable luxury where just one spoonful goes a long way – in terms of its health benefits and satisfaction levels.

Watch this space, as more flavours are launching soon.

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