Returning Local Streets To Local Communities

Announced as a major roadworks project in 2014, the NorthConnex tunnel in northwestern Sydney is the innovative answer to getting 5,000 trucks off local roads each week. The tunnel completes an almost-unbroken 1,000-kilometre freight corridor between Melbourne and Newcastle. However, its existing communications materials gave little sense of that excitement.

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Work on NorthConnex was proceeding smoothly ahead of the 2020 opening, and its directors wanted to enhance the visual identity to reach a sophisticated audience base. The objective was to build up the project’s associations with innovation and positive change, shaping a smoother path to user uptake when it opened.

We consulted with NorthConnex’s key stakeholders first, to determine which visual elements had to remain (that would be the government-designed logo), and where there was room for change. The work also had to acknowledge the brand values of its key stakeholders, the NSW Government and Transurban.

The result is a modern and modular set of graphics, rolled out across dozens of new communications materials. The work is formalised within a 60-page guideline that sets out a clear, consistent style across NorthConnex’s internal and public-facing print and digital communications.


“The work The Offices has done in presenting a clear and professional suite of collateral for NorthConnex has supported our strategy of best practice community engagement. Their design approach provides a great platform for us to communicate with more than 24,000 households and numerous stakeholder groups, across print, digital and outdoor media.”

– Gina Kelly, Director Stakeholder Engagement, NorthConnex