Anti Ordinary

Business strategy, brand identity and digital platform for maverick manufacturer

Sydney-based industrial design firm So Watt is passionate about changing the way stuff is made and bought. That’s because too many of us forget where our flat-pack tables or replica chairs were shipped from, whose IP they’ve taken or how soon they’ll end up on a council tip.

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So Watt seeks to change that mindset with its multifunctional, repairable furniture, products and commercial spaces. A bench can be a coffee table can be a storage unit. Each piece is built to last, using earth-friendly materials and local labour, at their purpose-built workshop.

Our rebrand for So Watt started with an immersion in this and other aspects of their business strategy, helping the firm cohesively market their three revenue streams. We created the positioning statement Anti-Ordinary, and off the back of this a brand voice, logo, supporting graphics and other outputs.

The memorable new brand has helped So Watt maintain authority when speaking to prospects in the corporate and architectural space. The work has also helped its consumer division grow exponentially, fast-tracking plans for their new product and service development.

Logo for So Watt industrial designers
Tone of voice snippet for So Watt industrial designers
'Path and Process' copy for So Watt industrial designers
Banner graphic for So Watt industrial designers
Typography for So Watt industrial designers
Original icons for So Watt industrial designers
Brochure for So Watt industrial designers