Pure Enjoyment

They’re arguably Australia’s most original and greatest maker of the ice cream sandwich. That’s why Pat and Stick’s has conquered the market for deluxe desserts, one freezer at a time, in gourmet retailers across the country.

But with a raft of imitation ice cream sandwiches now available from larger competitors, Pat and Stick’s has had to fight back. Cue a refresh of their core brand and entire point-of-sale concept, and the launch of several new products that cater to new-generation consumers: gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and small-serve among them.

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Across all this product diversification, the brand refresh had to drive home the fact that Pat and Stick’s is still true to those qualities that fans know and love: authentic ingredients, deep flavours and a spirit of fun in everything they do.

We created a brand strategy and new tone of voice based off their new value proposition, Pure Enjoyment, and evolved the brand’s original logo and stripes for simplicity and ease of production.

This foundational work is offset by the ramped-up new colour palette, giving the whole brand a louder retail presence while not overpowering the recognisable logo and stripes. We developed a modular system of more than 30 graphics and mantras to use interchangeably, instore, online and across advertising, to drive home those brand qualities. We also created the packaging and point of sale for several new products.

We can’t wait to see the work in market, and across a range of marketing outputs.

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