A People-Led Plan For Growing Sydney

Much as we all love Sydney, decades of poor decision-making have made for chaotic outcomes in the city’s transport and land use.

The Greater Sydney Commission was founded to ensure the growing city evolves in better ways. However, its pared-back original branding needed a little more depth and storytelling if it was to get the people of Sydney excited about what they could achieve together with the Commission.

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We worked with McCann’s Sydney to develop the commission’s brand and expand its huge messaging system in a meaningful way. Chief Commissioner Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO (yep, that’s Australia’s former first lady) led the high-profile discussions around what the organisation stands for.

Greater Sydney Commission has been lauded for its engagement with stakeholders. We are proud to have aided that success with this distinctive branding program, rolled out across print, digital and out-of-home settings.

Brochure for Greater Sydney Commission
Brochure for Greater Sydney Commission
Presentation deck for Greater Sydney Commission