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Your brand is more than your logo. This is a truth we often remind our clients of, and it’s something we often blog about, over on our news page.

So when legal recruiter Henley Reid approached us to develop a website and core business collateral, we could see their problem immediately: they had a logo and brand colour, but no other components of a recognisable visual identity.

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We set about developing a set of original illustrations, expanded brand graphics and concise, engaging copy for use on all their brand touchpoints. Our work met the client’s brief by positioning Henley Reid as a bold new entrant in the field, with a deliberately different approach to their craft.

The difference was immediately noticed. From day one of the new website launch, it attracted hundreds of rave reviews on Facebook, more than 4,000 impressions on LinkedIn and several calls from would-be clients. Our client’s brand continues to attract the high caliber of clients they set out to service.