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The Offices is an independent creative agency. We create crowd-pleasing, profit-boosting ideas and design that helps brands, businesses and organisations to prosper.

Viking Imports
Merchants of Pure Flavour

Viking Imports
Merchants of Pure Flavour

Tummy Gummies
Snack Better, Live Well

Packaging for 3 flavours of Tummy Gummies

Tummy Gummies
Snack Better, Live Well

King Street Wharf
Coming Soon!

Viking Platter
Merchants of Pure Flavour

The Stock Merchant Provisions
The Original Fast-Food

Ridiculously Delicious 
Spread the goodness

The world is overflowing with stuff.

Insurance, roadways, running shoes, theatre shows – everyone wants to be noticed. But most of them look and sound the same.

Your brand might have the greatest offer on earth. But if your messaging is underwhelming, you’re going to make a pretty average impact.

We specialise in creating brands of distinction that are anything but average.

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packaging design for The Stock Merchant

New product packaging for The Stock Merchant

Bone broth has been described as the ‘world’s oldest wellness recipe’, its origins dating back…

Shelf ready packaging, your FREE point-of-sale

Sales are sloping, and you need some extra pop for your product in Aisle 7?…

The Offices sees Sidekick Soda off to global appeal

Congratulations to our client Sidekick Soda, the sparkling shrub brand from New Zealand, currently making…
branding workshop graphics

Packaging workshops to guide a new food order

Having worked with (and spoken to) young-gun food brands for the best part of a…
Content infographic about writing

Writing workshops that stick it to the emoji crowd

For some time now, we’ve been delivering writing workshops for in-house corporate and public audiences.…
Communication icons and symbols illustration

12 totally relevant ways to communicate during a crisis, without knee-jerking

Don’t sell, don’t copy, don’t pretend to help unless you mean it – marketers have…

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